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Rosebud Lives On

The legacy of Citizen Kane was too much for the cult appeal of Quantum Leap.

Due mostly to his potential to offer great contributions to society–and not necessarily what he actually achieved in his fictional life–Charles Foster Kane lives on, narrowly defeating time traveler and string theory innovator Sam Beckett. In the closest match up since Sideshow Mel defeated Dilbert, Kane’s media control was deemed more powerful than Beckett’s time traveling exploits.

Kane used his family’s affluence to build a media empire, encouraging a U.S. war with Spain and dabbling in politics in the process. His actions benefited only himself, but his wealth and power were too much to ignore.

“Charles Foster Kane; the ultimate frat boy…A monumental life, writ large. ‘Rosebud’ is the ultimate ending to an American life. In contrast, Sam Beckett is little more than a cartoon character, writ very, very small.” – Nixons Farm

“This is a joke, right? It’s Charles Foster Kane! He’s a legend! He starts wars! Who can possibly question that he would have more to offer to society?” – Bernardo Menezes

“Without Charles Foster Kane, Cuba would still belong to Spain. No independent Cuba=no Bacardi Rum or mojitos. Let me see–Cuba libre or string theory? No doubt which had a greater impact…” – Tom Furlong

It’s no surprise Sam Beckett’s supporters were passionate. As pro-Beckett voter Kevin Yeh points out, he saved Jacqueline Kennedy from assassination and freed the great-grandfather of Martin Luther King, Jr. from slavery. And it’s hard to argue against the Quantum Leap tagline, “Setting right what once was wrong.”

 “San Beckett wins. Final episode of Quantum Leap: ‘The lives you touched, touched others, and those, others. You’ve done a lot of good, Sam Beckett, and you can do a lot more.’ – David Hsu

“Sam Beckett did more to spread popular awareness of string theory than anyone else. Clearly a bigger contribution than the invention of yellow journalism.” – The Alchemist

“The premise of Sam Beckett’s leaps is that he is trying to put things right in the world. Sounds like an open and shut case of one character trying to help society and another out for his own good.” – Alfred Morgan

In the end, the power of Charles Foster Kane overwhelmed the science behind quantum physics, with Kane supporter Jeffrey Folinus summing it up best.

“Charles Foster Kane, certainly. And he would agree.”

Check back Monday for the final week of round 1. It should be a close one – two very powerful women from two very different worlds.

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