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Sideshow Mel Continues to Surprise, Advance

Despite a stated goal of world domination, Lex Luthor can’t win.  For 70-plus years, it’s been Superman. This week, it’s Sideshow Mel, who was determined the better roommate by Ivy-Plus guest judges from the Penn Alumni Association. As the judges wrote:

“This was a tough call! Both sides were funny, clever, and playful. Unfortunately, while both sides were well argued and had good points, we have to vote for Cornell. MIT was at a distinct disadvantage from the start—hard to make the argument that Lex Luthor would make the superior housemate with all of his evilness. But we liked that Cornell was able to bring the argument back to the fact that Chris Reeves was an alumnus of theirs.”

The votes below represent the ones the judges found especially compelling in making this week’s ruling.

(Lex is) a sociopath, which means he doesn’t care what you need. Sideshow Mel, on the other hand, is a comedian, which means he craves your approval. —Noah

Sideshow Mel is detail oriented and eager to please, he would pay his share of the rent ahead of time and quickly wash his dishes. Luthor would be unfindable on rent day and likely destroy the dishes along with part of the surrounding neighborhood. —David

Bottom line is that Lex Luthor has repeatedly been defeated by Superman, who is known to Cornellians as Christopher Reeve ’74. Corey

For a man considered by many as the greatest villain of all time, Luthor had a surprising number of supporters. Most pointed to his vast wealth and the potential for high-tech gadgets to help around the house. The judges singled out the votes below as noteworthy.

Lex Luthor for the win…what would you rather have your roommate bring to the house – a slide whistle and a monkey, or a 400″ HD TV and a death ray? ‘Nuff said? —Steven

Lex Luthor of course – he would come up with some device to take care of all household chores and make the house energy self sufficient in the course of taking over the world. —Dan

You mean I get to live in one of several mad science style secret lairs as opposed to with someone who will hog the bathroom for hours and hours putting on clown makeup? —Justin

It just goes to show you that anything can happen in this tournament. Check back on Monday, when space exploration takes on paper production, as we continue the quarterfinal round with a different guest judge from the Ivy-Plus family.

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