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If You Need a Roommate, He Might As Well Be Rich

Two things that we learned in this week’s matchup: Tony Stark and David Levinson have their faults and neither would be the ideal roommate. In the end, the MIT-versus-MIT battle came down to the lesser of two evils. In this case, the lesser evil was wealth, and in turn, billionaire playboy Tony Stark.

Guest judges from the Princeton Alumni Association summed it up nicely:

“Tony Stark is a drunken playboy with a limitless bank account, the coolest high-tech toys around, and the best means to destroy any supervillain. In stark contrast is the down-to-earth, earth-friendly David Levinson, a mopey divorcee who could guarantee you’ll never have to battle aliens with limited computing skills or the big, bad cable company. So who would make the better housemate? A superhero whose purpose is to save the world day after day versus a tech whiz who made a lucky guess about how to save the world by uploading a computer virus?

Neither household would be a fortress of solitude. Living in Stark’s lavish cliffside mansion, you’d face endless explosions, parties, a riffraff of colleagues, and stray evening guests. In Levinson’s eco-friendly New York apartment, you’d face the hum of computers and the drone of David’s ever-present father.

Since ill-fated launches and experiments are nothing new to MIT alumni — and since Tony could certainly afford to replace anything of yours he may have obliterated — we’ll take the exciting uncertainty of life by the beach with Stark versus the monotony of life in the big city with David and his nagging dad.

Plus, if Stark is good enough for the guys of The Big Bang Theory, he’s good enough for us.”

Their favorite pro-Stark sentiments:

“I spent more money replacing windows in East Campus — thanks to ill-fated launches and explosions — than I spent on textbooks. As a result, I don’t really see Stark’s ill-fated experiments as a big problem. I guess to each his own.” – Charles

“Leonard Hofstadter: If we do get a new friend he should be a guy you can trust. A guy who has your back.
Howard Wolowitz: And he should have a lot of money and live in a cool place down by the beach where we could throw parties.
Sheldon Cooper: He should share our love of technology.
Howard Wolowitz: And he should know a lot of women.
Leonard Hofstadter: Let’s see: money, women, technology. Okay, we’re agreed. Our new friend is going to be… Iron Man.” – Catherine

“So honestly, they would both be bad housemates. Tony is a drunk who has too many late night parties, and David is a neurotic mess. While Tony does have better tech toys, he does not let anyone else play with his real tech. To me, it comes down to who else is likely to be visiting. David’s dad would always show up to nag his son (and his new friend smokes cigars, which I don’t want in my house). On the other hand, with Tony, you have Pepper Pots popping over to pay the bills, Rhodes to drive Tony home when he is drunk, and an assortment of interesting visitors who come over. So Tony Stark, by his extended social network.” – Justin

“Following up on Justin’s astute analysis, we know from Numb3rs that having one of Judd Hirsch’s characters loitering around the house can give the place a cosy family feel, but it gets old fast, whereas a smartass AI with an english accent never, ever gets old. Has to be Stark.” – Loren

“Tony Stark – he may mess up the room, hell the whole building, but he’ll build you a better one the next day :)” – Hari

“Both should lose for being self-centered, arrogant, egotistical snobs. But at least Tony admits it and could lend you one of his 50 cars to impress a date. You’d have to share a broken down pickup truck with Judd Hirsch if you lived with David. Go with Tony, the lesser of two evils.” – Trynka

It’s tough to go against The Big Bang Theory, but the judges were impressed with the following support for David Levinson:

“Immature Tony would keep bringing girls, booze and supervillians to the house, and keep the first two to himself. David would, well, make sure the TV’s working. Now that’s a good housemate!” – Div

The Face-Off will take a holiday hiatus and return on Monday, January 9, 2012, where we’ll conclude Round 2. Will wealth win out again, or will voters prefer a roommate who’s…invisible? Happy New Year!

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