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Quarterfinals, Week 12: Charles Foster Kane vs. Sue Storm

To vote, simply answer the following question:

Which person, if real, would make the best housemate—and why?

Cast your vote three ways:

  • Submit your answer in the comments of this post
  • Respond via the Cornell or MIT Facebook pages
  • Tweet using the hashtag #MITCU

This week’s judge: Columbia University Alumni Association. Twitter: @ColumbiaAlumniA.

MIT-Cornell Fictional Alumni Face-Off Week 12
Need some inspiration? Learn more about Charles Foster Kane and Sue Storm.

As before, judges will be looking for posts that are clever, witty, absurd, and downright ridiculous. The more entertaining they find your comment to be, the more likely it will tip the scale in favor of your alma mater. Voting ends each Friday at noon ET.

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  1. bob

     /  January 9, 2012

    Charles Foster Kane, a megalomaniacal businessman, whose only true time of happiness was when he rode his childhood sled in winter, would be depressing and annoying to live with. His company would force you to leave the apartment for as much time as possible to avoid his dark temperament and mysterious references to his time of happiness.

    Sue Storm, on the other hand, is an upbeat and outgoing scientist, with fringe benefit abilities of being able to telekinetically move objects with her psychic force field ability. Need a hand getting the door? Ran out of toilet paper in the bathroom? Need a clean towel for the shower? Sue would be happy to levitate one over to you. Among other fun party tricks, she can disappear at will.

    Sue Storm over the annoying businessman!

  2. Geoffrey

     /  January 9, 2012

    This is really a question? Really?

    Look at C.F. Kane: he’s going to do whatever he wants. He’s going to steal your last beer from the fridge. He’ll take credit for your work. Heck, he doesn’t really like roommates anyway, so it’s not like he’ll head out to the Chinese restaurant with you at midnight, let alone pay.

    Look at Sue Storm. Okay, now stop it. You’re creeping her out. Anyway, if someone comes over, and you need her to disappear for a while, she will. Literally. If you are having a bonfire, she can bring her brother. If the neighbors are having too loud of a party, or complaining about yours, boom! Psionic blast. Problem solved. And, as I assume her husband would also be sharing the place, if you need a beer from the fridge, and don’t want to grab it, he can grab it for you easily. Then, when the sister is over with the kids, they can play ball in the house and Sue can block errant throws from breaking the heirloom vase, or they can play jump rope with Reed’s arm.

    This one is easy peasy, lemon squeezy.

  3. Kevin

     /  January 10, 2012

    Charles Foster Kane, because in 50 years people will still be talking about him and his movie.

  4. OK, I can put up with a lot in a roommate. Absentmindedness, failure to remember to restock the milk after a midnight cookie binge, and even the occasional “oops, I forgot I was invisible” problem when opening the bathroom door while I’m taking my “personal time”.

    So, what counts, then? Well, the ability of my roommate to have SWEEEEEET friends. Look, I’m an asocial nerd. Having a socially-adept roommate is key, in my book. I want them to bring over all the hot chicks and flashy celebrities they can – I’m certainly not going to be doing it.

    I don’t care that Sue’s married (actually, her husband’s cool too) – just look at her friends. I mean, LOOK AT HER FRIENDS. Hot-damned, her friends ROCK! Forget C.F.K. – he’s an asocial closet case – if I wanted one of those, I’d call up my old sophmore-year roommate and ask him if he wanted his cave back. I can’t wait for her to move in so I can hobnob with the Big Orange Guy.

    Sue! And she doesn’t even need to fill in a credit check!

    This post brought to you by the tongue firmly planted in my cheek.

  5. Colin Maynard

     /  January 11, 2012

    Overweight guy or hot babe? Not even a question. Sue would be my choice.

  6. Marissa

     /  January 11, 2012

    On the one hand, you have Chuck, who may start companies, but they aren’t really technology companies. What’s he doing in his room anyway? Certainly not contributing to dorm life. And, yeah, he has extra cash, but it certainly doesn’t appear to leave his side. The last dormcomm rep who hit him up for a $5 contribution for the Spring Fling got a lecture and a request (read: demand) to lay out the entire business plan for the event followed by a term sheet that outlined his share priority to ensure a return on his “investment.” Fail!

    Sue? Hey, she’s already breaking barriers as the first female super hero(ine). It could be a little creepy having that vonDoom guy hanging around the room all the time trying to get her to give him a second glance, but how can you not be in awe of her work over in the genetics lab? Personally, I think she defers too much to “Mr. Fantastico,” but live and let live. She takes off early to work out with the swim team, leaving lots of morning quiet time. She’s all about the team, the group, and, hey, let’s face it, the greater good. I’ve heard she was involved with that force field hack making President Hockfield’s office “disappear,” but a good hacker never reveals her role. How cool is that?

  7. David W

     /  January 11, 2012

    The Cornell link is going to the alumni association wall, rather than to the tournament photo.

  8. Trynka

     /  January 11, 2012

    Invisible roommate? Worst idea ever.


    A vote for Kane by sheer default. I’d vote for Hannibal Lecter before I voted for a roommate that I couldn’t see. That would be the less insane choice.

  1. DIY-IAP: Support a Superhero

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