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“Intro. to Extra-Terrestrial Intelligence” is Now in Session

Throughout the MIT/Cornell Fictional Alumni Face-Off, Sideshow Mel defied the odds. He defeated Dilbert in round one, and scored the upset of the tournament when he vanquished Lex Luthor in round two. Sadly, the tournament clock has struck midnight, and his Cinderella run has come to an end.

When asked who would make the best professor or guest lecturer, voters overwhelming chose MIT’s Ellie Arroway. Voters cited her professional background, real-world experience, and her depth of knowledge on extra-terrestrial life, moving Ellie to the Face-Off’s final round.

Voters seemed genuinely excited about the prospect of a potential Professor Arroway, and envisioned potential class titles and research opportunities.

…Arroway has real-world experience to expand her knowledge, and that’s always been the most valuable thing to me when attending classes or guest lectures. I expect a lecture from her would have more depth and better grounds for interaction with an academic audience. – Cat

Let us posit that college kids are like aliens (they are). Then Arroway has the lead as she’s already demonstrated the ability to decipher alien messages. This key communication capability would put her at the head of the class (hah!) even if she didn’t already have the points for, wait for it, her ability to handle complex electronics and computer equipment. – Joe

Ellie Arroway is an accomplished astrophysicist and cosmologist who made contact with extraterrestrial life! Mel is a warm-up act at a circus, and a pretty crummy one at that. Now, of course, not all researchers make good professors, but Dr. Arroway defended her points and causes tirelessly and eloquently. She would make the better professor/lecturer, hands down. – Sven

As a presenter, Sideshow Mel is replicable, and unlike Sideshow Bob, we have no reason to think that Mel has the underlying theory mastered to the level of being able to pass it on. Ellie, in addition to having unique experiences in applied xeno-psychology that no one else on earth has, is a master of applied signals processing and pattern filtering, an expertise that would let her teach at the grad level, and a passion for sharing her interests that would help her both educate and inspi   re undergraduate students. – Justin     

Sideshow Mel’s supporters cited his humor, and the potential for an easy A, as the best reasons to take his class.

If RateMyProfessors.com is anything to go by, Sideshow Mel is clearly the kind of professor that university students would love. Also, his easy course would soon become the most popular one on campus, be it in Cornell or MIT. – Div

Who will Ellie meet in the final round? Check back in Monday for the Face-Off’s “Battle of the Billionaires.”  Will it be an all MIT final, or will Charles F. Kane use his wealth and power to tip the scales once again?

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