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An Internship at Stark Industries? Sign us up.

The long road to the MIT/Cornell Fictional Alumni Faceoff championship is complete and it’s an all-MIT final round. In perhaps the most spirited round of back-and-forth comments to date, Tony Stark edged Charles Foster Kane as the best choice for professor or guest lecturer.

Voters cited research opportunities, in-class experiments, and a possible internship at Stark Industries as the best reasons to enroll in a Stark-taught class.

“(Stark’s) drive would serve well as an example to all students. Don’t let things like the laws of physics get in the way! Go out and be the change you want to see. Oh, and a powered tactical exo-suit designed for use in extreme extra-planetary environments is sweet. Can’t wait for his next big invention, he might even hire some of us grad students to work on it.” – Joe

“A guest lecture by a billionaire playboy philanthropist who’s qualified to teach grad classes in course II, III, VI, VIII, XV, and XVIII, and literally manufactured a new atomic element in his basement? Sign me up.” – Kevin

“…he’s got some serious technical chops, knows a lot of science and engineering, works his butt off when he has an idea. When shown that his inventions are contributing to human suffering, he does something about it. That drive and knowledge means he has a lot more to contribute to a lecture than a journalist of questionable morals.”  – Cat

“He would be able to give clear, real-world applications for the subject matter. In addition to being a genius he’s handsome, making for a much more pleasant hour or so in the lecture hall.” – Donna

For the first time in the tournament, Charles Foster Kane’s encountered an opponent who wasn’t intimidated by his vast fortune or media power. But with unique life experiences and a professional media background, he did have support.

“Professor Kane is classy, intelligent, and humorous and hands down the best single source of current affairs on the planet. And the best part? Sliding down Libe slope on Rosebud.” – Div

The final round is set: Engineer versus Engineer. Who will MIT support? Will Cornell add its input and sway to vote? What’s a better movie, “Iron Man” or “Contact?” Check back on Monday as the championship round begins!

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